CAT4pro a game changer of how to automate your work in the cloud

In a fast pacing IT world, we need to keep up with a multitude of tools and applications. CAT4pro (Cloud Automation Tool for professionals) is doing exactly this and taking away that overhead. CAT4pro does a full end-to-end automation of setting up infrastructure, software installation, configuration and deployment.

What is actually CAT4pro:

CAT’s main feature is the workflow automation. That means if you have tasks that you run more than once, CAT can automate that as long as the tasks involve cloud computing, linux, software installations, deployments etc. Basically whatever you can do manually, CAT can handle that via a workflow.

Once the workflow is prepared, you can run it as many times as you want from the web interface and wait for an email/slack message with the status. The Workflow Manager running behind CAT is capable of complex scenarios, where you have multiple tasks (workers) in a workflow and each worker has multiple actions (sub-tasks). Each of these tasks can share data with other tasks in the same workflow or they can be linked to create a chained workflow (where you can create dependencies between workers-actions). For example Action 4 in Worker 3 depends of Action 2 in Worker 1 etc.

More features in CAT4pro:

Based on open source technologies

CAT did not reinvent the wheel. It is only using some of the best wheels on the market.

Flexible workflow behind

CAT is in essence a workflow manager. It combines multiple tasks into a workflow and runs it. It can run any number of workflows with any number of tasks.

Easy to administer and debug

CAT likes to purr directly to SLACK. A workflow can send status info directly to a Slack channel. CAT logs everything.

Easy to extend

Adding new features to CAT is pretty easy. We are here to help and adapt CAT for your needs.

Cloud friendly

Cloud is an important part of CAT. Nowadays more and more companies are moving into the public clouds, CAT only makes that transition easier.

Automated task management

All the tasks that form a workflow are resolved independently. Tasks can also share information with other tasks if needed.


All communications are done via APIs; even CAT has it’s own API to play with.

CI/CD from a different perspective

Too many tools for CI/CD? With a bit of work, CAT can integrate and deliver anything.

CAT4pro supports at the moment

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud

Bassem Fawaz

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