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We are smart solidity GmbH – a consultancy company specialized in modern technologies, project management, and health care. Our IT  expertise encompasses IT architecture, integration and blockchain technologies, where business sectors like industry, retail, banking, transportation and healthcare can find reliable high-quality solutions amidst the latest disruptions.  Our healthcare expertise include strategic development and operational management, which coupled by our IT solutions, can provide value based programs and solutions for transforming healthcare.

We are a company of innovators and as a strategic partner, we are committed to providing you the best consultants, project managers, architects, and business experts. Our business relies on long-lasting relationships and we are all about listening and finding the best solutions that brings value to your business

Through our intense work experience, we were able to build a huge global network of professionals in different fields of IT, project management, and healthcare, and a reputation for delivering innovation and value to our customers for over 15 years.

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To achieve our vision, our mission is to see our customers’ businesses grow. We want to treat our partners with respect as we would like to be treated and for that reason, we will always offer our clients solutions that we feel 100% confident about and would be happy to use ourselves.  Our mission is to provide consistent satisfaction and world-class quality solutions. To be able to provide these solutions it is our job to keep up with the changing world and remain attuned to the times with modern technologies.


Smart Solidity to be the best partner for our customers in the world of modern technology solutions and blockchain technologies. We value technology, innovation, change and knowledge that happens with never-ending learning and lifelong relationships with our clients. We are devoted to leaving our mark on our clients everyday business actions through the smartest, most cost-effective and overall best possible solutions available.



We have 15 years of regional experience

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